Swing Analysis + Player Records


Enhanced Shot Analysis

Information analyzed by VISION Sensors allows players to review shot data.(Impact zone, club pass, club face, ball, spin, speed and angles)

Smart Auto Tee-up

System automatically sets next ball ready every time right after player hits a ball.


Swing Replay

Swing Replay records and replays player’s swing  motion to help correct golf stance.


What is a tournament?

A tournament refers to an online golf tournament using the Golfzon system.

Golfzon has started to host a tournament named Golfzon Live Festival (GLF).

In GLF, players who log into the Golfzon system for a rounding will be able to see the national rankings for themselves in the tournament they are participating in real time. Players may participate in the same tournament several times. The best score will become your rounding score for the tournament.

GLF will offer two types of tournaments depending on the number of participants; online-only and offline finals for qualified players.

Driving Range