Driving Range

Practice all kinds of golf clubs and analyze shot data such as speed, spin, angle, and distance.


Approach and Pitching

Practice approach and pitching from different distances and efficiently improve your score.


Swing Tempo

From beginners to low handicappers, practice swing tempo in 5 different speeds to get used to your own tempo.

Level Test

Repeated practice of tee shots, second shots, approach shots, and putting on in virtual golf courses improves your field golf skills.



Set practice circumstance options such as green speed, pin location, wind, and tee location according to your actual field condition

Challenge Mode

Challenge Mode is a game-like menu with emphasis on the ‘Fun’ part. Practice drive, approach, and chip shots while the difficulty and your level change as you achieve certain scores.


Field Practice

You can see how you might fare in on the real golf course using Field Practice, from tee shots to putting on virtual courses.


Fitting Mode

Different clubs’ test shot data is briefly shown in a table and you can easily find out which club is more appropriate for your swing.


Web and Mobile

Swing shot replay and practice data is available on the website and your mobile phone, also you can share it via SNS.